Navotas uses Facebook in managing CHITS

MANILA, Philippines — With the hype of social media nowadays, it is no surprise if we find interesting ways on how to use it for different purposes. NTHC is not an exception. Abby Santos, area coordinator of CHITS implementation in Navotas, shared to us how they use Facebook in the management of the project.

EMR use in Navotas

IN PHOTO: The staff of Bagumbayan North Health Center in Navotas uses CHITS, an electronic medical record, in providing patient care (photo by: Abby Santos)

“I always use Facebook when communicating with them [Navotas health center staff],” Santos said. For her, Facebook and social media has become tools in managing and coordinating with different people: health workers, end users, the technical support from the partner’s end, the technical team from NTHC, as well as the stakeholders (city health office). NTHC created a closed Facebook group with Navotas health center staff where members can post announcements and raise their concerns about the project, including tips and basic troubleshooting. Likewise, they also use Facebook messenger whenever they need to communicate as it is accessible to both parties.

“They were very active in using it especially in asking for technical support or if they have questions and concerns about the system.” Santos explained that the Facebook group, with its post and comment feature, became a form of crowdsourcing on issues that are experienced by 2 or more health centers. It became easier for the area coordinators to redirect technical support both on the partner’s end (hardware and connectivity) and on the side of the NTHC technical team (CHITS software).

It all started when the staff of Navotas health centers were trained on how to use CHITS. Instructing them on electronic medical record use was a challenge since most of them have not even touched a computer. To make them more comfortable with technology, NTHC let the staff use Facebook and play computer games before the actual training. Today, most staff prefer using their Facebook accounts to communicate more than their e-mails.

According to the staff, Facebook is “easy to use” and convenient. Aside from getting in touch with each other, they also use their closed group for internal announcement and file sharing. This arrangement is highly feasible since all 10 health centers in Navotas have internet connection. It is established however that the staff can use their Facebook after office hours and during lunch break.