Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does NTHC implement Telemedicine?

Cardiologists, dermatologists, psychologists, and other doctors in specialized care are concentrated in cities. This makes access to their services difficult, most specially in hard-to-reach communities. Since 2007, the center has been supporting  doctors in remote communities through the use of eMail and SMS based Telemedicine. Through extensive research and technology improvement, patients may need not to go to a specialist as their health condition can now be referred via eMail or SMS.

2. What else does NTHC do?

The center conducts orientation, seminars, and trainings, join/participate in fora, and as well as organize round table discussions to generate interest and build capacity on eHealth. A list of seminars and trainings on going could be found in the Events page.

3. I’m interested to use CHITS for our city/municipality. Who should I contact for more details?

A complete information on CHITS and how it can be installed in your health facility could be found by clicking HERE

4. I want to be part of the National Telehealth Center. How do I apply?

Email the National Telehealth Center at or contact +632 509 1003. NTHC is located 3rd Floor of the Philippine General Hospital at the back of the PGH Science Hall.  We post regular openings in this site’s Careers page. We also welcome interns in technology and social science-related degree programs.

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