CHITS-Navotas partner bags 2nd place in SPCRS 2017 poster, oral presentation

Dr. Liberty Domingo was recognized in an international symposium in October for presenting a research about CHITS implementation in Navotas City.

Navotas Assistant City Health Officer Dr. Liberty Domingo was awarded as the second best oral and poster presenter in the 2nd Singapore Prevention and Cardiac Rehabilitation Symposium held on October 20 to 21, 2017. Dr. Domingo presented “Adoption of Health Workers in the Implementation of Electronic Medical Record System (EMR) to Document and Monitor Non-communicable Disease Conditions in Selected Urban Primary Care Centers in the Philippines,” a research that she co-authored with Community Health Information Tracking System (CHITS) Project Manager Arturo Ongkeko Jr.

The study highlights CHITS as a tool that enhanced the effectiveness of 65 Navotas City health workers who had been using the EMR for an average of two years. Using CHITS, over 11,000 adults were screened for diabetes mellitus and hypertension in 2016, and almost 3,800 adults diagnosed and managed for hypertension. The research adds that the analysis of data captured by CHITS allowed Navotas City Health Office to “proactively develop meaningful and responsive interventions for [the city’s] high-risk population.”

There were a total of 114 abstract submissions to the symposium, according to Dr. Domingo, and 11 oral and poster presentations that were selected and grouped into the following categories: telehealth/IT rehab, nursing and allied health, exercise prescription, and policy and strategy. Abstracts were presented by researchers from countries such as the Philippines, United Kingdom, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong. The recognition came as a pleasant surprise for Dr. Domingo as she only wanted to share a worthwhile research with a wider audience and did not expect the presentations to turn into a competition.

Since 2012, Dr. Domingo has been a strong partner in implementing CHITS in the city’s 10 health centers.