Ongoing Research



  1. Development of the National Telehealth Service Program (NTSP) in the Department of Health. DOH. November 2011- ongoing.
  2. RxBox2: Integrating Telemedicine Devices in the National Telehealth Service Program. DOST. October 2012 – ongoing
  3. rCHITS: Real Time Monitoring of Key MCH Indicators in GIDA (Geographically Isolated and Disadvantaged Areas)/ UNICEF, November 2011 to June 2012
  4. Citywide implementation of Community Health Information and Tracking System (CHITS) in Quezon City. Local Government of Quezon City. October 2011-ongoing.
  5. Modeling of a citywide health information system in Joint Program in Maternal and Neonatal Health (JPMNH) Cities. World Health Organization – Philippine Country Office. September 2011- ongoing.
  6. mCHITS (mobile CHITS) in Navotas City. Local Government of Navotas City. September 2011- ongoing.
  7. NARIS/ National Rabies Information System. WHO-Philippine Country Office. October – December 2011.
  8. Price monitoring of essential medicines in the Western Pacific region of the WHO. WHO-WPRO. January to June 2011.
  9. Connectathon 1 and 2: Breaking Silos in the Health Information System. April – June 2011. WHO- WPRO.
  10. 6th Global OpenMRS Implementers Meeting* (Silang, Cavite, October 2012). OpenMRS.
  11. Technical Support of the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) and Health Information Systems (HIS) for the WHO-WPRO. August – November 2012. WHO-WPRO.
  12. 1st Philippine Undergraduate Research on eHealth Awards. March 2012 – ongoing